Day 18- the upswing

January 23, 2017

I am on an upswing. I have been eating better and been off soda for 3 weeks. This has positively affected my mood. I wish I saw more changes in my physical appearance but I am refusing to get hooked up on it. I’ve had bad eating habits for a long time and because I’ve done 2 true weeks of being better doesn’t mean I sheding 5 pounds a week. 

I refuse to weigh myself, all it does is mess with my mind. I become obsessed and less motivated when it doesn’t go my way. I might in like 2 months try to weigh myself and see. But that’s a maybe …

huge maybe.

My husband and I had an amazing dinner on Saturday. A date night we got dressed up and went into the city. It was amazing and I ate so healthy I was so proud. We had an amazing night, which doesn’t mean I didn’t share my own anxiety. Before, on the drive my hands were sweaty, my heart rate was through the roof. I kept saying “you sure you wanna go” and because of him I went and had a great time. 

I love him he truly is amazing, he’s absolutely the love of my life. He makes everything better. 

Tasha Out😘

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