Day 23

Alwaen Ange, a noble I met upon my arrival here approached me not too long ago in the bar in Ossan District. I was writing in my journal when he approached. He told me; “Consider the offer to join the Priory. your intelligence and knowledge would be far more useful there than used on a useless study on trees.” I tried to explain to him that Sylvari are beings, too. And that I enjoy my studies… but perhaps… he has a point. Perhaps this is a horrible waste of time. But then again, could gaining knowledge really be a waste of time?

“Your power is only equal to the sum of your knowledge.” That is a quote from the Durmand Priory. I may have a lot of thinking to do, perhaps…

If I seize my studies on Sylvari and their culture, I would have more time to take care of Blue. I could keep a better eye on him, and help him learn and grow. However, if I also join the Priory, I would not be around too terribly much, because I would be swamped with other studies. Studying at the Grove is more beneficial, as Blue is from the Grove, and we could visit it often. My thoughts are mangled at the moment. I will write more later.


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