Over the past few weeks I have been on the road traveling because of my new job. Today was first full day back before I leave again at the end of this week to head out to Illinois where ill be staying there for a while. A few days ago I saw a Facebook post that got me thinking…it was generalization of a group of people (don’t want to be political) and how they are destructive, uncivilized and other derogatory names. I sat there to think for a minute and said to myself this doesn’t not reflect me at all but I am still getting judge for something I wasn’t even there or even a part of(I was all the way on the West Coast). Then my family came up in my thought process. See I came from a multi-diverse family, my dad is American(Caucasian) and my mother is Mexican. My father was adopted in an Irish house hold with I think eight different siblings (maybe more honestly don’t now because I haven’t them all yet). I have over 20 cousins on my dad side. On my mother side I have of course her biological parents and her brothers and sister (which is 5) and my cousins (about 7, once again haven’t them all yet). Two completely different backgrounds but yet we have found to get along so easily and simple. With the election that was coming up, I knew it was going to stir things up in my family. But I remember everything from what my parents to my  grandparents and even uncle and aunts have told me. My father has always told to try my hardest and that each time I failed that I should use that as a learning point to learn in order for me to succeeded. My mother taught me to always be nice to everybody because not everyone will know my background and that will judge me based on my appearance and not the color of skin. My grandfather (mom’s side) that with hard work comes with success and to never give up. My grandmother (dad side (rest in peace)) always said to keep an open heart and to always love because love is unbreakable and is always needed in the darkest times. Remembering all of this, the comment of Facebook seemed insignificant. I always thank my family in difficult times when things I fear to be overwhelming to me (note that the facebook comment was not overwhelming but away from home was, well maybe). All I have to say is family should always be number one and don’t get so hurt over somebodies opinion.  

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