First visiting day

Ok so i visited that school today. And I was really looking forward to it since it was the major that Im planning on going to next year. 

It was terrible because I got sick. Like a flu, just not so bad that I cant go out. I should probably have stayed home, but since I dont get a second chance to visit there then I decided to go anyways. And It was a good choice because the fresh air really was nice for my cold. 

When I got there, ofcourse I was alone in my group. Noone exept for me from my school was visitting that major and I thought it would become really awkward because of that. -but no, I ended up in a group of 5 other people. Noone that I know, but it sure wasnt anyone that I highly dislike. 

The day didnt go as I wanted though. The first thing my group visitted was radio. And it sure was interessting. But as I sat there observing the others, my head started hurting really badly. As I sat there I really just wanted to go home and get some rest, my head was really just spinning and my eyes just became heavy. The leaders (whom are students of that major) told me to do stuff, and really wanted to include me. But I just had to pass since I was just not feeling well. The guys leading was really nice though. One of them was really handsome and had my attention, but since I was so silent and hiding, they all must have gotten a real impression of me as “silent, depressed emo” sure looked like that. After all, they dont know I have a cold. 

In the lunch time, all the students of the school came. Their all older than me and I got really nervous. I had plans with one of my friends to come find me so that I dont have to sit there alone, but their major didnt have that lunch break so I ended up sitting there full panicking waiting and too scared to move. I texted my bestfriend, who was visitting the music major at the other school not far from here. She called me and I talked to her throughout the entire lunch (so I wouldnt end up hiding in the bathroom, lol). 

After that there was photo? We worked with photography and it was basiclly the same as radio, me sitting almost dying not able to do anything. Anyways, I didnt get to do anything special today, but I did get to see the different things they do there. And I have not changed my mind about going there next year. But one thing thats going to be a huge problem for me, is becoming more social. I am social, but i take long before im able to befriend people. I need to stop being so silent and start getting out of my bubble. Also I’ll need to get used to stepping out of my comfortzone. It will be really difficult since Im me, but its not impossible. I’m not going to let my personal problems come in the way of my happy succesfull future.

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