Friday game night

Raining Friday. I had to ask Jolie for a ride to the office after working out at the gym. Still haven’t got back to regular routines yet but definitely getting better each time I go to gym. Didn’t really have to go to office but I went cause I wanted to. Most of people showed up in the office tho despite that we could work from home today. Started with a stand up as usual then spent most of my morning trying to help Nikita with her gift card feature. It took much longer than I expected but glad to see she solved her issue at the end. Also had to spend rest of the day working on the notification and organize my todo list for myself and for the team.

Worked till 6 PM and also went to Target to get a gift for Anderson’s birthday tomorrow. I had a cup of beer before we headed over to Danilo’s place for the game night. Garth drove Nikita and I there and we were there till midnight from 8 PM playing board games and having dinner over some conversation. It was actually fun hanging out with them even without having no alcohol beverage. We just talk and played game and it was good enough to have fun on Friday night. I got pretty tired at the end of the night cause maybe I woke up too early for the gym that I haven’t really done before. Had to leave around midnight before I fell asleep there. Took a Lyft back to home with Nikita then went sleep right after taking a shower.

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