Lets LOVE one another- RIGHT NOW

Why as women are we not a supportive of one another more. Just because somebody disagrees with us doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be supportive I feel like as moms we are tearing down other moms more than we are lifting them up. I don’t say this without also accusing myself of this behavior I bring it up because I know that I am guilty of this. The second someone does it value what I value in parenting or marriage I judge them because I think my way is better. Why does one way have to be better than the other? Can’t we both be right? There are more than one way to go about things but we treat it as if its only our way. We are all designed differently we all have different gift and we all have different calling so why in the world would any of our paths look the same way? It would actually be more alarming if our paths were identical. For example right now the women’s March is a hot topic on social media the women who don’t support it are bashing the women who did March and calling them feminist as an insult. Then the women who did march or support the March are criticizing the ones who dont support it. I think if you are in support of the womans right movement i think criticizing other woman is contradicting what the movement is about. bashing other women for different a different belief system than yours in no way helps support women’s rights. On the flip side if you are a woman who is against the women’s right movement and want to bash the woman who are marching- i think it would do good to remember it wasnt long ago woman didnt have many rights.. and we certainly didnt get the ones we have by womans being silent. Somebody spoke up. Somebody marched. Somebody knew things should be different. And im sure that not every woman agreed with those “somebodys”… but thank God somebody listened to those somebodys and we have the rights we do.
We all have a place. We all were designed to do different things… some of us its stand up for what we see as injustice, some its not, some a leader, some a follower. Some are designed to run million dollar companies and some to run a household. Neither is more important than the other, or right or wrong. Just different callings. So lets stop the bashing! If a woman wants kids great, and if not great too! If a mom gets up and cooks 5 made from scratch meals a day, awesome! If a mom is throwing a frozen meal in the microwave for dinner, awesome. What one’s mom’s not trying that much may be another moms trying her hardest.. what works for one family doesnt work for another. Its OK to value different things, its NEVER ok to be Hateful bash a human being. There are ALOT of things that i personally disagree with or even religiously disagree with, but you know what— I dont have all the answers. Things i thought to be certain 10years ago, i no longer agree with.. So unless it involves hate/evil, violence, discrimination- U will never hear me say u are wrong i am right. I may disagree with you but i wont bash your values just bc they are different than mine. I want to build people up not tear them down.

 Its not to say its always easy. I live it everyday, its not easy. As you know i have a step daughter, gabbi. 50% of her life is spent at one house and 50% at the other. Her mother and i are more different than we are alike. Our lifestyles, belief systems, and priorities are very different. But i not only have a relationship with her mom but a friendship…. its not always easy, in fact there have been countless times we have to agree to just disagree. When the way her mom and stepdad think ab something differs from ours its NEVER EASY on either side. But if i just go on a rage bashing them nothing would be accomplished… and just because they view something differently does that mean they are wrong? No. We actually can have two different opinions and BOTH still be right. There are things that work for her moms house and there are things that work for ours.. but at the end of the day we maintain a friendship bc we all just want whats best for Gabbi. So even though that can look different, We strive to still be respectful and understanding of each other regardless of our differences. So apply the same concept on a broder scale. Next time you encounter somebody who you disagree with.. weather it be religion, politics, race, sex, or how they raise their kids, what clothes they wear, what food they eat. Regardless if they are pro life/choice, for/against same sex relationships…. Dont bash them! Dont assume your way/thought process is better than theirs. Try having a conversation, maybe u will learn something new or teach them. And even if you can’t come to an agreement.. just bc its the way you think- doesnt make u right or better than them

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