My first entry

So, I had made the decision to start journaling again.  I always found it helpful getting out my feelings and what’s been going on in the day.  And, recently coming across some old journals from 1998 and 1999, it planted that seed that I should get back into writing.  With a ‘Lil Google search and lack of sleep, here is where I find myself. 

I haven’t slept since yesterday evening before work.  I only have 24 hours before I have to go back to work and I have just finished five-days-straight.  I’m freakin’ tired.  I’ll go to bed in a few hours and sleep until morning.  I did most of my running around and errands today, so it leaves me the whole day to be lazy before having to go back to work and do the 12 am to 8 am shift.  I think I might even pull out my PlayStation VR.

I bought that bit of machinery back during the Christmas holidays to treat myself.  I brought it to the homeless shelter (for 16-19-year-olds) and let the kids go at it all day.  Man; they had so much fun!  Once that day was over, I had packed up the games and headset and brought it home.  Over $700 if you include the motion controllers and games, and they’re just sitting there, still, on the floor in the box.  Yeah! It’s coming out tomorrow.  (I’ve attached an image, it’s sitting under the TV still in the box.) 

The boyfriend and I decided to try this mail order weed online stuff.  Ordered about $130 of weed and it’s been a week.  Canada Post tracking estimates tomorrow the package should arrive sometime.  So, fingers crossed because we ordered three different kinds. I’m super excited to taste some super good weed.  Or so the website states.  IF it does pan out and the herb is as good as it’s supposed to be, I’ll definitely leave an update on here.  *insert happy face emoji* lol   

Well, my ADD kicked in, I flaked off in the middle of journaling to Facebook.  Which means, I flaked off to scroll through my news feed and do nothing.  That damn site is so distracting.

I actually find myself getting distracted easily these days.  I think maybe I stimulate my brain too much.  (As you can tell from the image I posted.)  Aside from what you see in the image, I am usually at work.  That’s all I seem to do is work and veg, work and veg.  Who knew a sitting on a toilet when I was younger reading the shampoo label would depict my future in their instructions; but with different wording. “Lather, rinse, repeat.” 

I suppose this upcoming surrogacy I’m doing for a male couple, will add a little bit of excitement in my life.  Yep!  My second surrogacy journey.  And, while we tried to get this journey started a long time ago; it looks like as soon as they have their egg donor situation figured out, I’ll be doing IVF for them in California.  Oh man!  It’s not the IVF that scares me, it’s the trip across the continent.  It just seems so far away from Ontario, Canada.  But, I can honestly say I’m not scared of the journey or trip itself.  I’m scared of Border Patrol.  More so because I have a criminal record, I’m a woman, and Trump is President.  Need I say more?

Yeah, I’m going to have to expect the worst when it comes time to crossing the border.  A lot of women have been denied at the US border, mainly because of that huge women’s march after Trump’s inauguration.  While I have nothing to do with that, I can definitely see it being an issue in my near future.  I think I should mention that to ‘B’ and see what his input is going to be.  My criminal record has always been a hinderance, I hope it doesn’t stop my entrance into the US. 

Damn, I got distracted again.  I suppose I should continue some journaling tomorrow. 





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