Not their friend, but always there ally.

I don’t wanna be my kids “friends” I don’t tell my friends when to shower, do thier home work, or go to bed. As a parent them things are my Job its my job to teach my kids right from wrong, how to make good choices, but my number one goal is to raise my girls to be respectfully young woman who one day I might actually enjoy haning out with as adults. I don’t wanna kids that never wanna leave the nest. Hell no. I want my kids to go to college, get a good job, have there own home, get married have a family… That will never happen if I don’t rules and teach them responsibilittly. That’s my goal that by the time my kids leave the house they will know how to take care of them selves and be able to be responsible. So I can’t do that being there friend, but I am always here for them and of course I’ll always have there backs, but if my kids do something wrong they will know it. I will not brush it off just because they are upset. So I am okay with being the mean mom. Raising these kids isn’t a job I take lightly. If their bio wants to be their friendly parent she can. I don’t have time to be my kids friends and hey.. Why would I want my 11-13 year old to be my best friend anyways… It may sound all cut but really its just sad… 

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