Rainy Sunday

It’s been raining all day today. It really discourage me to do anything at all all day. I just went out for a lunch with Nikita cause she asked for it then got here at the Starbuck to write journals and organize some things. It’s 5:36 PM now and now I’m writing the last journal for today. Also took a nap for about 3 hours before I got here. I feel very guilty about this but I had to drive to here since I don’t have umbrella. Encountered with Anton and Caesar here but don’t have space to seat all together.

I need to do some research and get plans for the next side project today after finish writing this. Not sure if I’m going to have enough time for that but taking the first step is always very important to me. Also have to go for team outing in 30 mins at K-town that I’m excited about.

Went to the Korean BBQ place with Anton and Caesar. Had an all you can eat Korea BBQ with a team then headed to Karaoke place next door. Food was good and the karaoke was fun. We ended up staying there for about 2 hours then got back to home after. Back home around midnight then just went sleep after taking a shower. Good time!

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