Scatterbrained mess

I have a list of the things I want to think about as the year proceeds:

  • pay attention to details
  • do something decisive today for your future
  • complete things
  • don’t run roughshod over people
  • don’t be a scatterbrained mess
  • be a mature adult in a sober living space
  • I will not treat people as tools, pawns or puppies.  They’re people and they deserve respect.

It’s funny that folks tell me that I’m not that way but I think I could do better.  I’ve slipped up and regretted it over the past year and I think these things are vague enough that I can look around and be flexible enough to deal with whatever the day brings and still apply them.

What can I do to be less scattered:

  • clear up the room so it’s organized with launch pads
  • eat a balanced diet with brain healthy foods (got a datebook to log my diet!)
  • be aware of what’s bothering me so I don’t distract myself with mindless busyness
  • keep a list of next right things
  • only put shifts in my calendar when i’ve just been looking at the shift chart
  • take the time to rest enough

So far today, I went to volunteer a week early and then came home 🙁

I’ve been logging my food for just over a week with sundays off

I’ve realized a few things I should have done so I put them on a list to get them done before the end of the week

Heading to watch an hour of tv, then do 3 right things before bed.

Not bad.

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