School is hell,but with a little kick to it. This 2nd Semester and every 8th Period, I have decreased my confidence to talk to teachers. Today, I am officially afraid to speak up confidentially to ANY teachers now.  Back to being that quiet and nervous kid in middle school.

Everyday I walk into that one class that just had to be the last class, and I feel as if I am in prison. The teacher greets me everyday,but why do I feel like she is greeting me to hell?  I have never once felt happy or excited about this class because she puts me into so much fear. How is that possible? Teachers should make you feel welcomed and content about learning,but she makes me feel like a robot in which she is controlling me. 

What ever happened to speaking your mind out? I understand how to be polite,but for some reason this teacher believes any response no matter how polite it is, is impolite. What is the point of having an opinion or trying to explain yourself? It just makes me want to hide under a rock and leave society forever with anger still inside me.

“You are too young to be nervous.” I would not be so nervous if teachers did not spend half of the class time humiliating me on something I accidentally did or forgot. It gets the class laughing,but do they ever realize how embarrassing the person feels? I know for a fact it makes me feel depress and I just do not want to continue school anymore. I am pretty sure half of my school are nervous because we have this whole new world in front of us and the teachers just do their jobs just for the money. Can’t you help us feel confident about going out to the new world? 

However, there are teachers who are absolutely the best at doing their jobs and not for the money, but to help kids learn. My health teacher always made the class laugh and not by humiliating another students to the point where they want to go and hide. He instead tells his life stories or jokes he finds on the internet which makes us all laugh and happier. Why can’t we have teachers who are more selfless and just want every kid to stay happy. What is the point of going to school if you are always depress?


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