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I’ve tried to not really voice my opinion on the current political divide going on in my country. It’s just my opinion after all. It only matters to me and I don’t want my feelings to anger other people. Having said all that, this is my journal and I can say what I want in MY JOURNAl. So here it goes.

I was born in 1981. There have been 6 presidents since I have been born (Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Obama, and now Donald Trump). I remember my parents being worried about some of the past presidents because of supposed policies to be made that would effect their jobs, health care, etc. My parents need not have worried. They did not get laid off or lose anything substantial. Infact, from president to president our lives did not change much at all.

I’m not terribly big on Donald Trump, but to be perfectly honest and really put my thoughts out there… I despise Hillary Clinton. I would love to break the gender barrier and elect the first woman president in the United States, but the thing is, She’s the wrong woman for the job. She sides with big corporations and her puppet strings are being pulled by Monsanto (a company I loathe as it is damaging our natural resources). She’s shady as fuck and I do believe she’d sell out her country for some big bucks. Politically she changes her tune to pander to feminist and minorities. She’s out of touch with a large group of Americans. I truly believe there is a trail of dead bodies in her political wake. This woman has blood on her hands.

Donald Trump now, yeah he’s something else. I like his stance on illegal immigrants.  You wanna live in this country? That’s great. DO IT THE LEGAL WAY just like every one else. Yes my ancestors were immigrants too, but they got their citizenship by sticking to the rules!!! I have a driver’s license, a social security card, everything so that my government tracks me and knows what car I drive, where I live, and what I spend my money on. Whatever. That’s the price you pay for living on the grid and being a part of society.

The short and skinny is that Donald Trump, no matter how much you hate him, won the damn election. Be fair. Give him his 4 years. He starts pulling stuff – we can always impeach him (although when we impeached Bill Clinton and it didn’t do squat). Woman will still have rights!!! We can still get jobs. We can still vote. We can still buy guns if we please. We can take self defense classes. Whatever. The oyster is ours for the taking! Donald Trump really isn’t going to change our every day lives.

So give him a freaking chance. Stop whining.

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  1. Exactly. The last thing I want to do is voice my opinion & have some one tear me down for it. I also won’t tear down or attack anyone else for their views. Whether it be religion or politics, we as a country are not going to agree 100% on these high profile topics. That doesn’t make one side right or one side wrong. I do think we owe it to each other to hear the other side out FAIRLY and give it a chance.

  2. I despise Hillary Clinton too.
    According to I-don’t-remember-where, she gets her money from the same people/person that ISIS does.
    So yeah. I’d rather have a comedian than a murderer and a liar.

  3. Interesting viewpoint. My thoughts regarding the current political environment is as follow:
    I strongly believe that the mainstream media in efforts to hold Trump accountable have served to distort the message that he is trying to accomplish.

    I believe in the freedom of speech. However, what I don’t agree with is the violent protest and destruction of property that has been going on and increasing throughout the states. How can this be effective or beneficial to anyone? My understanding of Trump’s executive order is that it is not meant to target Muslim-it’s not meant to be a Muslim ban, rather the focus is on extreme vetting process starting with the 7 countries that were identify under the Obama Administration as places where terrorists come from. I think that it is unfortunate that the role out of his policy which is meant to secure and protect American life to prevent more tragedies have inconvenience refugees and people coming from these 7 countries. I can only hope that this situation gets better, that people really educate themselves about what is really going on and not really on mainstream media reporting to understand what the truth and facts are. I strongly believe that most people who are out there, especially the younger generation can’t even articulate why they are out there protesting-they are just following a movement. It’s important to understand why you decide to engage in a particular action so that then it can lead to implementing effective and safe approaches to address concerns. If you want to further read my viewpoint regarding the current political environment check out the journal article that I wrote about “Changing Political Party”

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