The Norm Of The Now

Its been a pretty uneventful week here ..

I was happy when a benefit form I filled out for one of my clients came back successful, you can never tell which way its going to go for them .. I put myself forward in doing the minutes for the monthly team meeting dispersing some conflict between staff and management .. I got to hug the girl leaving from another team before she left ..

On the other side, one client is proving to be very draining and left me an equally emotional draining voicemail on the end of my working week ..

Home life has been pretty quiet .. I spent the weekend in my January focus sewing and doing a picture of mindful colouring, I’m mindful of how much time this little activity takes and enjoyed it none the less .. I enjoyed a walk in the crisp winter sunshine to town and treated myself to some favourite snacks and a pretty colour for my nails .. I curled up on my sofa watching ‘The Other Woman’ with Cameron Diaz finishing off my bottle of prosecco bought for me at Christmas ..

G didn’t text me until Friday night .. one random text which got a random reply .. the same on Saturday evening and I decided I wouldn’t be meeting up with him this weekend .. I told him, I was reminded of the times when he fell out of communication and dropped out my life and he shared a little of the ‘why’ .. with a little bit of openness I told him to pick a day and I will meet up with him this weekend .. whatever happens, I admitted to a friend, that my mind is finally opening up to dating, a new romance and a possible relationship .. it seems I am ready to move forwards and further away from the abusive relationship I once shared with the man I loved so deeply and that is a huge acknowledgement. 

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