You’ll Be Just Fine

You’ll Be Just Fine. 

Never did I ever think that those words would finally roll of my tongue in the sweet way that they do today. I lay in bed and reread the thoughts and feelings that filled my mind a year ago today. Brokenness surrounded me in a way that I could not fathom, and never did I think that I would be in the place that I am today. A place where the words “I love you” have meaning, stronger than they ever once did. Where my purpose is no longer found in the smile of a man I love, but within my own soul. And where forgiveness is finally a concept that I grasp. 

But the funny thing is, is I went back to the source of all of the pain that I felt last year. The difference you might ask? I discovered my strength. My strength did not lie inside the person I loved, but my strength lied within myself. He makes me stronger everyday, and that is something that I have discovered, but he can never again be the center of my life. Because life is funny, what is supposed to build you, what is supposed to never let you fall, can sometimes be the center of your destruction. And maybe not on purpose, but as your walls come down, the pieces are easier to break and steal, but I promise you, You’ll Be Just Fine. 

The girl who was broken last year is now a little more whole. I have changed my perspective on brokenness… I don’t think being broken makes you weak, I think being broken makes you whole. Do I question things often, well yeah, but life is a huge question. There are no direct answers, and you walk through it trying to discover daily who you are. What builds you, what breaks you, who loves you, and what you deem as enough. Is love enough? No, love isn’t enough, but you, you are. You can choose to be love in someones life, but for this year, maybe focus on yourself. Be the love that is enough for you, because I promise you, You’ll Be Just Fine. 


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