Got up at 7:15.
School ’til 3 pm. Went to the library with my sister and got back at around 3:40. Had dinner around 5.
I’ve been feeling fatigued all day, I have a light headache as well.

Sort of tidied the bathroom upstairs. Vacuumed the bathroom downstairs as well as the one upstairs, vacuumed the hallways and the steps. Washed my face, brushed my teeth, tried to shrink my pores with an ice cube. It wasn’t really a cube, it was a flower out of a flower-shaped mold from IKEA. Picked out an outfit for tomorrow. Went on Duolingo. Then went downstairs, made some cereal and joined Dad who was watching Storage Wars. I couldn’t really tell whether he was enjoying it or just watching apathetically, but either way, it depressed me.

Tomorrow, there’s an English language competition (that I’m going to take part in) at my school so I don’t have to be present in any of the classes I have tomorrow. The competition starts at 1 pm. I feel like one of my friends is going to do so much better. She knows everything about everything. Really.
My friend (another one) is coming round at 9. By then I’ve got to make two cheese strudels, take a shower, do my makeup and get dressed which I’ll have plenty of time for since I’m waking up at 5:00 because it’s currently 9:18 and I’m about to go to sleep. Sleeping more than 8 hours is a waste of time.

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