Co parenting

Being a parenent is so hard but co-parenting makes it even harder. Jeremy is gone so its all on me. Not only do I have to try and keep him in the loop but keep the bio in the loop as well! Its really dam hard! Not only is it hard trying to make the right parenting choices for the kids but I have to try and do what jeremy and the bio think is right to. She wants to be their friend, and jeremy doesn’t wanna make them upset because they already push him out of their lives..  So today Riley got a 48% on a pretest. I try my best to stay on top but I didn’t know about the test she never told me… Which we do struggle with that a lot she is very lazy with school work, but anyways I seen the pre-test and I called both her parents and jeremy said to take her phone bio said its only the pretest its not a big deal… Well her final test is tomorrow.. So I took her phone but I always needed to make.sure she can pass this test tm. So I took the test and made her copy it in her note book… Hoping her righting the answers will help her understand it. Then we studied the vocab for an hour she seemed to know them all! So if figures crossed; but she called her bio to tell her she was losing her phone and then Told her what I made her do… Well for some reason that was way to much work for a 11 year old… So I listened to her scream at me about how I am so horrible and it was just so crule of me to make her do that….

Like come on! I know what I did was the right thing. My kid needs to learn this stuff and it’s my job to make sure she does know it. Just wish once and a while she had my back…. But I’m to the point I know she is never going to coparrent with me.

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  1. Her bio is only around for the child support she doesn’t care one bit about the girls. She doesn’t even ask about there grades or help them study when they are there… Its pathetic. I try my best I didn’t graduate and it something I’ll always regret I wont let them end up like me

  2. Jeremy just never has had to be the soul parent because he has always been over the road.

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