Day 24 – 30 Days to True Health

Today was a rest and recovery day. Not from exercise, but from yesterday’s lessons and tears. I slept late, snuggled under a blanket and listened to the quiet in my home.

The only noise was Jim working in my new laundry room. It’s really starting to take shape. There’s some shelves up and new paint and a bright new light. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll see all the shelves and maybe even some new light switches and plates.

I need to buy a couple wall hooks to hang a few things from and, holy macaroni, I can’t decide. I mean really, it’s a hook….but I want it to be perfect, so I keep looking and comparing….curse you eBay for having more than two to choose from.

Bless my TruPlenish shakes today.  It was easy to get nutrients into my body while my appetite waned.  I love them almost as much as ☕️.  

ps – the pistols are pretty cool right?? 

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