Feel Stupid

Always feel like I’m stupid I can’t study and when I don’t understand something I just getting angry with myself because I feel not useful I can’t remember some times what I’m studying. A lot of people say to me you are not stupid you know 3 languages and yes I do but it doesn’t make me smarter. My parent’s telling me the too, but a lot of times when they say the I feel they just saying the to make me feel better, but no, they relly meant when they say I’m  not stupid.  Yes, it’s hard for me because I been in America for 3 years and I still stronger with the English language, but I know I will get better one day. God will use me for good. Even sometimes when I am doing better in my classes than my sister I will be proud of myself for few minutes but then I will keep saying ommm I’m not even the smart. God create me in HIS image and I was called to be his daughter. I’m trying to not think about myself in a negative way, but sometimes it’s possible. I want to do school and other staff for God glory. I just want to say, guys don’t give be strong, school and work it will be always hard, but if you really want to prove to yourself that you can do better and worship Lord then you have to do your best. Study and work because nobody going just go and give you a job you have to have education and if I want to go to college I have to study and ask for help if need. 

One thought on “Feel Stupid”

  1. You are VERY smart. Three languages?? My goodness, girl, that’s awesome. Even more awesome is that you love the Lord and want to glorify and serve Him. You will have such a special life, I know it. Don’t worry so much about being smart or making perfect grades. Don’t try to be perfect. Just let your precious light shine. That is most important. That and being loving. “So let your line shine that men may see your good works and give glory to your Father in Heaven.” That’s what you are doing. Good job!!

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