God gave me an amazing gift…

This is something I never thought about to do in my life before I started being interesting in photography I loved doing massage for people, but a year went buy and God gave in amazing opportunity to do photography. I started seeing things that before I didn’t and it opens my eyes. I got the camera for Christmas like the year ago. My older sister husband got the camera for free and he never bought the camera but they send to his house, so that’s how I got a camera and I was crying because I was happy. I start to take picture of my sisters and nephews and I loved. I’m so thankful to God, for this amazing gift. Sometimes I fell like I will never become a good photographer but that’s the part when I feel stupid. And yes I’m not perfect photographer but I’m trying to become one. I’m still at school and i took photography classes and i have a professional photographer who is going meet with me and help me to learn more about photography. Do you know your gift, from God?


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