Last day of raining?

Monday again! I got up around 5 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep after. Just rolling around the bed for an hour then went to gym at 6 AM. I worked out pretty good today. I almost got back to what I was doing before. It took little longer than what I usually take but feel definitely good to be back working out again.

Walked to Jolie’s place for a ride cause it was wet all over the place. We also talk about a side project that we are thinking about doing. It seems little complicated but will find an way to start with a simple feature then add more features in as we go on. Not sure if it will take off but I just wanna try. The first side project of the year!

Work was good. I was pretty busy in the morning till around 5 PM then burned out after. Had to work on couple different projects and just had a meeting after then got off the work. Since I got off around 7 PM after the meeting, I had to get an Uber myself to get back home. Decided to go get massage cause I felt like I need it then back home around 8:30 PM. 10:08 PM now thinking about new side project idea and maybe food lol.

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