Lovely Dilemmas

So, I know a guy…
He’s sweet. His smile releases seratonin laced music that calms my mental and makes me think of Neptunic beauty. 

Those nice inquisitive eyes look at me as if he’s trying to read my mind.
Intelligence and energy like giant swarms of diluted cosmic waves roll off of him wherever he plants his feet.
He has something to say, a deep never-filled bowl of thoughts and ideas that swirl through his mind aching to seep through the cracks.
He reminds me of a gentle giant that only wants to love.
I can feel the tucks and pulls on my heart strings every time I hear his name.
His gorgeous spirit flows over me and I feel the edges of my lips pull skyward involuntarily because I can’t help but be drowsy in him.
He waits for me to speak.
But words escape as if my sword has touched molten lava and melted right before my eyes.
I have never been so erratically singed by fate.
I almost didn’t recognize that gravity’s sneaky plot was to tilt my world at an angle so that I’d see love as a comforting hug and not a invasion against my armed forces…
There was no tripping and falling for me despite my clumpsy feet,
It was more of a atmospheric collide that my reflexes didn’t see coming.
Like quicksand you just don’t notice until you are submerged
I met my Mars while still working through my Venus knotted tendancies of trust issues and unemotional attachments.

We were never meant to be common but to be comets blessed by the trail of gifts given to us by God himself…

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