Today is my Mom’s birthday ( yes I know my own birthday was just 2 days ago.)  She is 93.  93!!!  Wow.  She’s still active and cheerful, and I love her so much.  My grandmother was born Jan.24 — Her name was Mildred. Then my mom was born on the same day Jan.24 so they named her Mildred also.  “little Mildred.”  I was born on Jan. 22.  Whew!  If I had been born 2 days later I would have been Mildred III.  God is good!!!  (grin) Haha!  Actually Mildred is a sweet name meaning “Gentle One.”  It suits my grandmother perfectly.  My name means waterfall or cascade.  That suits me.  I love waterfalls.  Sorry for my rambling.  Just wanted to share that!

One thought on “MOM”

  1. I agree. The Spanish word ‘Nadia” means (I’m almost sure) “nothing.” De Nada means it’s nothing, basically ‘you’re welcome.” I think you can find a better name; your mom knows you love her, you don’t have to name a child after her. She’s in Heaven and enjoying perfect life, lacking nothing. She’ll be so proud of your babies, regardless of their names.

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