Mood swings/Teenager

Nothing is worse then I myself not sleeping a bit last night, then I get the girls up cook them breakfast and start helping ri with studding Lexi, wouldn’t stop bothering ri as we were trying to studdy so I told her to shhh up and leave her be… Well what happens next? You would think I just told her to kill someone… She pushed her food away from her, knocks the stole over she was sitting in and starts screaming how miserable her life is and how she isn’t even able to talk durning breakfast as I tried telling her it wasn’t that it was her sister has  test today, she responds. I don’t care about her or her stupid test and stomps to her room slams the room and blares her musicm..13, going on 17…. My heads already spinning before 7am! God give me the strength to deal with two teenage moody daughters with random out burst of anger and killer mood swings… there doctors say its normal with there hormone levels changing and there periods starting… And along with that all the mental things they have went threw and saw like I get all the anger they have, but it doesn’t mean I can stop doing my job as the parent and teaching them that them actions are not acceptable and will not be aloud in my house. Having these feleing are fine, but we need to work on a positive way to exspress them feelings because screaming and yelling is not the answer…. 

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  1. The Bible agrees it is allright to be human. “Be angry, but do not sin.” I’m teaching this verse to my 15 year old special grandson. He has meltdowns. It’s okay (unavoidable) to get angry, but how do we express what we feel? You know? God bless you, Mama of two teenage girls!

  2. We deal with this at my house as well. My daughter D is 15 & My other daughter S is 11. Both girls have started menstruating. D has Asperger’s Syndrome & S has major depressive disorder. It is a match made in teenage hell. We work mainly on preventing fights & outbursts. Sleep helps too so I really hope you get some!!!

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