Sea urchins Pull Themselves Inside-out to be Reborn

Dear Self,

Upon closer inspection in the Looking Glass (which robs a glimpse of your  going and coming from near your front door), You paused long enough today only to realize the shock that you’ve aged, dramatically! Lol

You hardly pay any attention to your reflection, well only, if need be, to straighten up your appearance as you go out. However, today was different. As you glanced in that looking glass of truth, You found yourself in a sort of “Elizabeth Bennett” moment or trance(Pride and Prejudice plug lol).

Did you ever think, that after 30 some odd years, you’d  find yourself like that of an ancient Sea urchin wading through life without really ever going somewhere? Well actually, you can honestly say you’re at a stage of life where you feel…lost…with no direction in plain sight.

It’s funny though, because you don’t feel like an adult sea urchin, really. No, you feel like that baby sea urchin floating around where the current takes you and you’ve just taken notice that the tide is picking up and sooner than ever and you know you’ll have to land on those suction, cup-like, knobby little feet only to turn yourself inside-out(although it be unwillingly ) into an adult…..Blahh!

It’s late Self! Tomorrow’s another day. Here’s to growing up….and hesitantly turning yourself inside-out…just to be reborn into another stage in life. God help me! 😬😏



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