Woke up at 7:35. Went to make a strudel, took a shower and was just about to get dressed when my friend came round. She was half an hour early. She had to see me in only my bathrobe, without makeup. Thank God I had painted my toenials. The polish is black with glitter in it, but it’s a matte finish. I was, so to say, startled. Well, first of all, she was early. Secondly, I had just realised how dirty the kitchen floor was. Thirdly, she was wearing a stunning outfit. She apologized for coming in early and gave me a bar of mint chocolate. 

We were having some tea that she had brought when I realized that my strudles were still in the oven. Luckily, they were just the right amount of burnt (a sophisticated gold-brown color). We went to smoke on the balcony. I was eating all the time and she was amazed by my cat. We left the house at around 10:30. At the café, we had coffee. At around 12:35, we left for school. The competition was stressful. I almost fucked up very badly because of a stupid answer sheet mistake. If I hadn’t asked the teacher about which we should put in (the letter by the answer or the actual answer – it was a multiple choice task), I would’ve lost about 10 points. The teacher was pissed as there were “no questions” allowed. I embarrassed myself and made myself look stupid in front of that scary teacher. Finished the test, went home.

Prepared my speech on “why reading Adrian Mole is worth it”. Tried to rehearse and kept fucking up. It’s really horrible. Was told that I had passed my Maths test. Thank God! The competition results came in, but only for a group of students. We know who’s first (hint – not me),  second, fifth… Tried out drawing my eyebrows better. They were TERRIBLE today. Godawful. Washed my face, sort of shaved my legs, brushed my teeth, went to bed.

Also, I had a nightmare last night. And, oh, yes, Brandon was first in the German language competition. I really want to buy Sims Medieval. 

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