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Growing up catholic I was always told what was right and what was wrong in the eyes of God, at my age I do believe in him because that is the way I was raised. I wear a necklace with a cross that was blessed by a priest to keep evil away from me but yet, I still have bad days, I still have bad luck at times, and negative things still happen like life should happen naturally. Your life is not going to be perfect just because you are wearing a cross that is blessed or have a rosary tattooed on your chest. Life is going to happen regardless of what your beliefs are. I still pray at night before going to bed, I still pray when I am worried, afraid, nervous whatever the case may be; but I still have questions as to why do we all believe on a spiritual image that none of us know is real. There are bibles out there telling us how life was made and why we are here because God saved us. Now the question is why do we have a spiritual image that pretty much us bring us guilt or joy? I often find myself wondering and asking myself questions as to why do I pray when I feel afraid or I am worried about a certain situation; but it is because it brings me comfort, it brings me peace, but that is because that is how my family raised me. Now that I am older I have pulled away to some customs that my family still follow till this day but that is because I discovered other things and learned new things that may have change my beliefs or the way I feel towards certain situations in life. There is nothing wrong with believing in a god or gods, what I think is wrong is that church’s have to always ask money as an offering, why do we need to give them money? Is that how we pay the priest who only reads a few phrases from the bible then gives us his opinion but says its Gods opinion because that it what the bible says. My husband has an aunt that goes to a church I cannot remember the name of their religion, but his aunt and uncle literally work to give the church money, they go to church every single day and they have devoted their lives to that church, why? Why do that, why is it that people get wrapped up so deep into these religions and are blinded by how evil they really are. Why can they not see that they are making their preacher richer while they struggle to pay for their own bills? In my mind that is not ethical that is wrong because the leaders are cheating these poor innocent people that believe in their lies. And that is how most religions are now in days. All they care about is to have people believe in them so they can pretty much brain wash them so they can be able to control them; it is not really a religion is more like a cult it seems like. To other people it does not seem wrong that the church is constantly asking for money offerings because they think that is the right thing to do, and by doing so God will bring them so many blessings. How do we know there are such things as blessings? Are they not coincidental? I mean if it is meant to be it will happen and if it is not then obviously it won’t happen because that is the cycle of life, you do not get what you ask God for, that is just not the way it works, you work for it and you “bless” yourself. Religion is there to keep people in check, meaning that I believe that religion was created so that it would bring society some kind of authority, they tell you what is right and what is wrong in Gods eyes; they are the ones that make you feel guilt when you do something wrong because that is not what God approves of. Without any of these religions people would only have state laws, but who honestly really abides by the law that the government gives us. I feel like this relates to module 3 because it speaks about groups such as the pre-Socratics and sophists. The Pre-Socratics believe in both scientific and morals, sophists charge money for preaching their beliefs. It relates because a lot of churches now and back then are based off the same reason to preach in what they believe and gain followers so that they can brainwash them and make profit out of them. What I find interesting is how the Pre-Socratics base their beliefs on the physical proof that they find on earth in nature and how it is made and created; and it would seem logical to anyone that what they believe is true because they have physical evidence to show and prove that it exists. The Sophists believe that there is no such thing as truth, so they base their beliefs and philosophy based on their own knowledge and experience to cheat people and teach people how to cheat. Based on the module it states that “Corrupt men want to get into political office, so the Sophists show them how to do it“ they are basically scammers and make people believe that what they say is full of reason and full of knowledge so it makes it truth. At least the Pre-Socratics have physical proof to back up their theories and beliefs, with proof and logical critical thinking it makes it a lot more believable and more trustworthy than to follow some religion that has no proof. Yes, I am guilty of believing in God and feel as if prayer works, but that is how I was raised and that is what makes me comfortable, our parents did not give us a choice on what to believe in when growing up, they taught us what they believe in themselves but as you grow and discover thigs on your own you beliefs change and your way of thinking.

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    6. However, this is a very good introspective piece of writing.

    Make sure you write based on the rubric grid in Module #1.

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