Another Day

Yes, indeed another day has come and gone in my world. Time is just whizzing by myself.

I think that I might be liking this site for writing. I used to write on another site, but it disappeared. Such as life.

My new insulin is doing its job at lowering my blood sugars. Rather rapid at times, but I am sure my body will adjust. I think that I might have a circus going on inside of me, its scares me, but I pray the doctors know what that are doing.

My family doctor prescribed me a new drug to calm me down. Life has just got to be a bit much for me, with all that is going on….so in about 2 weeks, I should be calm? LOL

I might take a couple days to go visit my oldest, just to get away from the routine this household has developed.  I am tired of everyone asking, “are you ok?”…to which I say….”as a matter fact, no, I am not”….not sure they are not listening, cause they keep asking.

My mom seemed normal on the phone today. She has signs of dementia setting in, and of course she does not want to hear such words. I have 4 other siblings and I am the only caregiver to her. Even tho a brother lives closer to her, I am the one and only child that takes care of her best I can. She is feisty at 82 years of age.

I have discovered some faith in myself and trusting I will find my way…..well, lets hope so….

One thought on “Another Day”

  1. It is good you have faith in yourself. Also have faith in God. He will help you get through this. Good for you, taking care of your Mom, even if the other siblings don’t. I hope you feel better soon, and I pray for you to have peace in your heart even before 2 weeks!

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