Dating bores me

I haven’t written for a while as I have been busy with life and feeling physically exhausted.

For the first time since being a young girl I do not feel the need to have a boyfriend.  I am beginning to feel content being single.

I’m not in a stage in my life at the moment where I have time for a boyfriend.  It’s funny that when I was drinking my life was filled with loneliness and boredom.  Now my life is non stop with work, personal training sessions, AA meetings and a weekly meeting with my hypnotherapist.  My diary is my bible.

If I do get bored I can hop on to Tinder and get myself a date pretty easily.  However I find Tinder dates boring.  Either they take you out for a drink,  I don’t drink so the idea of having to get dressed up for an hour of drinking Diet Coke immediately makes me yawn.  I’ve skipped out the boring part and invited a couple of dates back to mine to watch Movies which has ended up in sex.  

I did this out of curiosity,  it had been a while since I had sex for pleasure and I wanted reminding of how it felt like.  It was over much quicker than when clients pay for my services and It really wasn’t mind blowing.  It made me realise that I really cannot be bothered with the whole dating scene, well unless they are going to take me for a nice meal.  But at the moment I’m on a diet.

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