Day 25 – 30 Days to True Health

Today is Bell’s Let’s Talk day. The annual day created 7 years ago to talk about mental illness and the stigma that comes with it.  So today, we’re supposed to talk. Be honest, reach out and talk to people. 

I did. I talked. To a friend who has been in my life for many years and we’ve suffered some amazing hardships together. It was enlightening and healing and brought us closer together than ever. 

Tonight I took that energy to my mat. I set my intention for peace for both of us and had such a strong yoga practice. My poses were steady and grounded. It felt amazing. 🙏🏻

Food was easy today. Water poured into my body in great quantities. I felt healthy and refreshed.  

Oh, and the laundry room….it’s almost done!  And it’s awesome.  I’m thinking I need to have a laundry room warming party. People will bring presents of laundry soap and fabric softener, we will match socks and do happy dances! 💃🏼

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