First Entry! sum of the past couple years

hello world

a little bit of information on myself 🙂

a lot of things have happened in the past couple of years, since i went to college, for electrical. i lived in Welland Ontario for a little over a year where i worked at a fast food joint. then i was getting real low on money so i moved back home. And that was one really good decision, i got back to working 40-ish hours a week, lost weight that i gained from being a lazy piece of shit. worked from june-sept full-time at a grocery store, then i had to get another job cause they cut my hours in half -_- so in nov i started as a bartender 🙂 which was awesome. then in december i got fired from the grocery store VIA TEXT, (totally bogus i know), so it was winter and being where im from it was a really boring one. fast forward to the Spring/ Summer, i started working as a waitress ad a golf course, which was a change of pace, but it was nice i loved the tips 🙂 . then in july i got a job at a local restaurant which paid better and i got better tips, so yes if you were counting this is 3 jobs that i currently have!! but that didn’t last long i quit the legion a week later. but still from july to sept i had 2 jobs, i was working pretty much everyday. once the fall came i was officially out unemployed, time to relax for a bit.

late fall i started dating this guy i was seeing, unfortunately he lived over 2 hours away 🙁  but we were making it work.  🙂 


November: hunting season 🙂 i went out opening day and everyday after that before sunlight to get my first deer. luckily on the second day i(me and my dad) got it 🙂 5min to spare. i technically didn’t get the kill shot but if i would of had the right gun i would of gotten it for sure. 

December: i move to Peterborough to live with my sister and her husband to be the nanny for my lovely little nephew.

January: now were here, i’ve been a nanny for a couple of weeks, been here for almost 2 months, and i like it, things are open past 6:00PM.

and that’s a little sum of me


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