I cruise through another day of mental solitude

I woke up again about 4am. Well, my dog got me up. You see, it was raining outside and he is afraid of lightning. So, he associates the rain with the possibility of pending lightning. Not far off but, it’s hard to convince him it isn’t coming. So, to calm him, I lay really close to him or I place my leg across him. most of the time, it seems to sooth him. Now here the part that makes no sense. When his anxiety gets bad, he wants to go outside! This throws me for a loop but, I get up and let him out. He’ll pee for like a second and come back in the house. I mutter a curse from under my breath and usher him back to bed. Go figure.

Every morning, Biggie (my dog) and I eat breakfast together. I make him an egg along with mines and we descend to the Man Cave where we watch the news and eat together. I’m still in my quiet mood. I haven’t said much to my wife since Saturday. It has transcended from me being mad at her to being disappointed to just enjoying the solitude.

She’s been working a lot and as always when she does, I make dinner and wash the dishes so when she comes in, she can just relax. I say hello, and that is about it. I head back down to my abyss. I make sure to send my dog up to say hello to her which he is more than happy to do before returning to my side.

I forgot to mention. I’m a writer or Poetry. From time to time. I promise to share some of my work.

Well, time for bed.

Good Night to all.


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