I regret it and don’t know how I’m ever going to forgive myself

All I think about is how I wish I hadn’t said yes on that day. Wish I could go back and put some sense to my old self and just tell the old me to think twice before I let me take away the most precious thing I had. I’m always going to blame myself for making that stupid decision without thinking through. I really want to forgive myself for it but I can’t. I always wanted to blame him to make it easier for me but well that never works, it always comes back to me . I’m always wondering that maybe if I did say no , my life would of been different right now. 

2 thoughts on “I regret it and don’t know how I’m ever going to forgive myself”

  1. Dear girl, it is just as important to forgive yourself as to forgive others. You made a mistake, I presume. We ALL do. God is always ready to forgive and comfort you. Let him forgive you and give you a fresh start, brand new. He will turn things around and set you free from your distress. He can make your life better than it ever would have been. Talk to Him. Receive His forgiveness and love. That’s very, very essential. Now, to a new life of peace and happiness! Romans 8:28 “For we know that ALL things work together for good to those who love God.” It may be bad, but He can change it into good in the long run. Please accept His peace.

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