Log Date 002

Log Date, 002

I keep having these urges, these urges I think I had about 50 years ago. I had successfully brushed them off then, it was merely a thought. But.. they’re stronger now, if that make sense. 

These urges are murderous.

I never wanted to hurt anybody before, I promise. I don’t know where these are coming from. These urges are almost like voices. These urges want humans to die, with their blood stained on my hands. I don’t like humans, I hate humans, but I don’t feel as if I have to resort to murder to get my way. Do I? I certainly hope not.

I’m almost glad I started this blog. I don’t have any friends, not anymore. If I hadn’t gotten this out, things would’ve been much worse. If anybody knows how to make these voices stop, I ask you to tell me in the comments below. 

Thank you, all.

End Log.

One thought on “Log Date 002”

  1. If you have weird feelings about stuff, you should probably cut those bloody voices’ heads off. They are annoying, I know.
    I have humans all around me these days, and I don’t believe they think I can be serious about things.
    The new flatmate said I have “cute cheeks” – how embarassing and annoying is that???

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