Log Date 003

Log Date, 003.

They won’t go away. I’ve been trying for days, and I just realized that they might not stop. These urges, they just get worse. I’ts getting painful to fight them. These urges feel like common sense, but I refuse to resort to murder. That’s petty human stuff, and Creatures are humble. I won’t resort to any of that.

For now, I just need a distraction, a hobby. Maybe I should get a job again? Anything to get these intrusive thoughts out of my head.

End Log.

2 thoughts on “Log Date 003”

  1. Chistmer, try to turn on the telly and watch something interesting. I’d advise BBC.
    Try getting into a fandom of some sort, like Star Wars or Star Trek.
    Also, check out some nice rock music. RED will work just fine. There’s a lot of screaming going on and it might make you feel better. Turn on the volume all the way up. If someone starts complaining – poke their eye.
    It’s not their circus and not their monkeys as to what you watch or listen to.

  2. @Flitch,
    Thank you. As usual, you have been very helpful. I do own a TV, but I rarely use it. Maybe I should watch BBC?
    Would you recommend anything specific for me to watch?


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