Money in, Money out

Dear Self,

You’re thankful to God for always providing food on your plate, a roof over your head and a breathing, sane head on your shoulders.

However, you’re hoping for a well paying job. A job that pays enough to get you through nursing school. I can’t believe You just said that…”Nursing School.”  You haven’t the clue if you’d even make a good nurse. Your  first choice in degree was Physical Therapy. Remember? In highschool, you dreamed up this little dream of becoming some great Therapist, working in the hospital, charting your patients back to health again and seeing those miracle patients  “walk out” of your rehab. I know you still want to go into therapy, but the only way to do that would be to relocate and you’re  just too poor right now. So, you have to stick to a local nursing school.

Right now, on a general level, it seems that whatever little money we bring in, is always meant for someone or something else. Sometimes you never see it. It goes straight into your bank account only to be withdrawn from people you owe it to. Bills….ugh! 

Lord, please grant me a means of getting back on the path You want me to be on.

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