Quick break from posts – a fun (?) game for us all to play

So I’ve been wandering all over the Internet, and somewhere I had found this intereseting little game – mainly it’s just to take a little break from daily boredom (ironic, right?).

So, it’s called the Fandom Letters, and basically the starting player picks a fandom and a character and writes a random note. Then another character from that same fandom has to answer. But the trick is, the next note cannot be from the first character.

I know it’s confusing, so here’s an idea (using Star Trek):

Spock (Player 1): What a nice day today! I guess I’ll go out for a walk.
Picard(Player 2): No, go home and learn the ways of logic!
Kirk(Player 3): Stop insulting him, Picard!
Spock (Player 4): This conversation is pointless, and therefore illogical.

And so on.

However, since everyone here is from different fandoms, I think we can have different characters from different fandoms talk to each other. Like this:

Obi-Wan: Where am I? Where’s everyone?
Anderson: MOVE! This is a crime scene, I don’t want it contaminated!
Spock: Yelling at people without a reason is illogical.
Phantom: Get lost, you logical fool, and I advise you to comply, since my instructions should be clear…
Bluestar: Oh stop it, you!
Kirk: Yeah, stop it!
Obi-Wan: This is getting nowhere.


Ready? Here goes…

Moriarty: Never mind the people. My decision is final. The building explodes exactly at 7:03 tomorrow.


33 thoughts on “Quick break from posts – a fun (?) game for us all to play”

  1. I have an Undertale one for you, @Flitch. And an HP one, and maybe a Doctor Who one. But let’s do it with Undertale first because I love UT right now.

    Sans: Bud, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to have a hard time.

  2. @PrettyInBlack
    Doctor (Tenth): If I’m right, and I usually am with those sorts of things, he already does, with Sherlock the Bloodhound following him so closely.

    (Continue please)

  3. @Flitch:

    Undyne (Undertale): Well, listen up, everyone. Because I’m not just going to be CLOSE to Moriarty. We’re going to be … BESTIES.

    (Sorry for spamming you with yet another Undertale character.)

  4. @PrettyInBlaack it’s okay, Undertale seems fun

    Moriarty: Every fairy tale needs a good old-fashioned villain. You and I will be the ones in Sherlock’s.

  5. Wow. This had stopped unexpectedly. Let me boost this a bit.

    Lestrade: Whoa, whoa there! You better watch yourselves, you two. Because Scotland Yard will be watching you!

  6. @Flitch- sorry for not continuing sooner!

    Alphys: Actually, since you two have become friends, I’ve, um… … ALREADY been “watching” your relationship through my console. Your fights… Your companionship… Everything! I was originally going to stop you two, but… Watching a friendship develop on a screen really makes you root for them.

    (Again from Undertale, and sorry for the delay!)

  7. @PrettyInBlack it’s okay

    Sherlock: Oh, look at you lot, you’re all so vacant! Is it nice not being me? Must be so relaxing, just paying attention to sweet little fairy things!

  8. Sans: ‘course it’s nice taking it easy for a little while, sherlock. i mean, it sounds like they’ve really been working themselves … down to the BONE.

    [zoom in on sans winking]

  9. Moriarty: Say that again! Just note, that I will find you, and I will skinnnnnn you and make you into shoes!

  10. Sans: well, good luck trying to skin me, bud, since i’m so thin you might as well just say i’m … all made of BONES.
    [another sans wink]

    (that was the lamest attempt at a bone pun ever, but Sans is a skeleton, so I feel like he should say as many bad puns as possible)

  11. John Watson: Ha! Looks like you’re at a loss, James Moriarty! That’s what you get for lying about Sherlock!

    (I’ve really gotta switch into another fandom character, but oh well .,.)

  12. Umbridge (HP): You’ve been telling lies, have you, Mr. Moriarty? Well, then, today I want you to write, “I must not tell lies.” How many times? Oh… as many times as it takes to get the message to sink in.
    [ hands Moriarty a quill with no ink ]

    (Okay, so I absolutely HATE Umbridge, but my first reaction to Moriarty lying was her scarring Harry with the blood quill in OoTP. Hope you don’t mind!)

  13. Moriarty: I prefer to be called Professor Moriarty (the Moriarty Grin). (takes the quill). (sing-songs) Bo-ring. (pokes Umbridge’s eye).

    (Of course I don’t mind. I don’t mind anything as long as the game goes on.)

  14. Umbridge: How dare you speak to me like this, Mr. Moriarty?! I am senior undersecretary Dolores Jane Umbridge! I WILL have order!!!

  15. Jack Sparrow (suddenly): MOVE! Why is the rum gone? Jim, have you seen my rum? And stop blowing holes in my ship!

  16. George Weasley: Haha, well, at least your ship can go to heaven now, because it’s so HOLE-Y!

  17. (Sorry for the delay – been sick)

    Moriarty (what, AGAIN???): I threw all of Jack’s rum off the St. Bartholomew’s Hospital’s rooftop. I’m sorry, I’m really, really sorry, this guy (points to George) had paid me to do it! You made me do it, you bloody bastard!

  18. [ a few days before, on the street under St. Bartholemew’s, as bottles of rum rain from the sky ]

    Fred the Fish: OW, MY LEG!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!

    (this character is from Spongebob. lol.)

    (oh, and why’d you change your name from Flitch to Memer?)

  19. (because memes are cool)

    Spock: Captain, I didn’t know that Earth had not only acid rains, but also rum rains! (walks up to Fred) Are you alright?

    (I laughed so hard at the first line of that comment)

  20. Snowman (suddenly, to Frisk): I thank you, strange child, for bringing that SNOWPIECE to the surface and allowing it to see the wonders of the human world, including the fascinating rum-falls!

    ( an undertale npc this time)

  21. Sherlock: Oh, please don’t talk out loud – you’re lowering the IQ of the entire city!

  22. Hermione (acidly): Well, maybe if they didn’t all have the emotional range of a teaspoon, they’d realize when they were being incredibly idiotic.

  23. Jeff Hope: Yeah, isn’t the life hard for us geniuses? Those stupid little grey people – they’re just ruining our lives. Solution? To exterminate them all.

  24. Hermione (appalled): No, no, that’s not what I meant at all! Really, I wonder if your emotional range is any greater than theirs!

  25. Spock: Emotions shall never be allowed to take over our minds. Logic is the only way.


    (sorry for being late)

  27. Italy (from Hetalia): Spaghetti? That’s, like, pasta, right? Can I have some, too?

  28. Molly Weasley: Sit down everyone, sit down, Italy dear. That’s it. Have as much spaghetti, or anything else, as you want–what has your family been feeding you, you look half-starved.

    (I feel like it’s really tedious to keep this game up on this post. Is there another way we could carry it on more efficiently, like, I don’t know, some sort of IM’ing thing?)

  29. (IM-ing?)

    Mycroft: Well, he probably deserved to be starved like that! Uh, ahem. Apologies.

  30. (I mean, like, texting or messaging or something along those lines)

    Eleven: Speaking of starving, do you have any food? I’m absolutely famished. [ pause ] come on, one of you lot has to be Scottish– just fry something!

    (I apologize for my atrocious attempt to recreate a British accent.)

  31. (I don’t know…)
    John: I’m Scottish, and since Sherlock never cooks anything, I’ll attempt to make something edible… (peeks into the fridge) Uh… ahem… We have a head and a few thumbs. Will that do?

  32. (Oh, it’s alright if you don’t want to, I was just asking :-))

    White Queen: Oh, are the thumbs buttered? If so, I can add them into the Pishsalver I’m brewing, in case our dear Alice ever needs to be shrunk again.

  33. (I’m probably going too be leaving GNJ soon, because there’s barely anything to do here, but I’ll stick around for a bit)

    Jack Harkness: I’d say it’s a bad idea, given they are probably… poisoned?

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