Second visiting day


Second day was much better than the first. Still got a really bad flu, but i survived. I was with my friends and bestfriend throughout the whole day. Since we were visiting the major “Design”, I got to make my own notebook. Which I have decided to use for school planning and futute stuff. Not a diary exacly. 

Since both my throat and nose have been really bad, I’ve been in a up and down mood all day. Easy to get annoyed and easy to start discussions if someone gets me just a slight bit of mad.

I don’t really know what more to say. The design major i visitted today was really fun, and im considering making it my second choice instead of third. 


Heres how far I’ve gotten:

Media and Communication

  • build better social skills
  • get used to stepping out of my comfortzone
  • improve photography skills
  • improve videomaking skills
  • improve all kinds of stuff inside radio
  • big and new school
  • none of my friends are going to that school
  • learning how to be on my own
  • learn how to make new friends 
  • get used to failing
  • explore new things and hobbies

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