Skate Tuesday

I had a good sleep last night. It could be better but it was good enough for me to be feel fresh all day. Skipped the gym but it was worth it! Finally skated to the office again in the sun and it felt great. Work was pretty busy trying to implement event on notification UI. It literally took an entire day but I was able to get it working with lots of help from the team. Also moved on to next project at the end of the day. Booked the flight to Chicago for next weekend to see Jaewan my good friend from Korea and stay with my friends in Chicago for the super bowl Sunday. Also need to talk about plans for Skate Chicago 2017. Realized that I couldn’t make it to Jolie and Jeff’s place for Super bowl. So sad I can’t make that anymore wish it was different day.

Went to DTLA for the Tuesday night skate. A small group again but a good skate. The weather was still little chilly but it got okay right away as soon as we started skating. Skated around downtown LA and Korea for about 12 miles then ended up at the Coronasdo’s for a glass of beer and food. Back home around 11:30 PM and just took a shower before I got on to this. 12:09 AM already and I need to go to sleep now for tomorrow. Goodnight all!

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