Tuesday January 24th

Today I have a bed!!! I am the happiest girl in New York! Finally, I have my furniture. I am sitting in my own bed for the first time in 2017 right now. I have my bedroom all done. It looks so adorable. I really am pleased with it. I still have a lot of boxes to deal with. I got rid of so much, but still brought too much stuff. I put an ad on Craigslist for free stuff and it blew up, so I deleted it. I don’t want to explain the junk to people. I am just going to take it to Goodwill. I took a couple of boxes of stuff downstairs to the outer lobby earlier. Whatever is left, I will take to Goodwill. Some guy called me about the lamps, said he was coming over to get them, then called back to say it’s too bad outside and he would come tomorrow. 

Once I get my place straightened out, I can start focusing on having a life here. 

I fucking live in New York City! Gah!

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  1. Interesting. How’s New York? It must be fun with all the fancy American stuff.

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