I am only in 7th grade and I know that my life isn’t as bad as the rest of the world. My mom works nights to provide for the family; it’s good money but I miss her and I get worried about her because she works at a prison as a nurse. My mom and dad broke up about 5 years ago on Christmas Eve. He was unfaithful to her many times. When she worked out of town and it was just my dad, brother, and I. He would go to the bar down the street and bring home random girls and my room was right next to his so I slept in my brothers room in the basement/play area. He eventually got a woman pregnant and left her. Now he is moving to Vegas to leave his kids and his family to “start over”. My dad and my brother have always been close and when we found out my brother(who is 2 years older than me) started balling his eyes out and the worst part is that we found out on facebook. But my mom is getting married to this one guy that sits around and plays video games all night and then sleeps all day. I miss my dad though because he would at least get up early and hangout with us before and after school. But now in order to get a ride to school we have to wake up my mom’s fiance and after school I have to stand outside in 10 degree weather calling my mom’s fiance 10 times before he actually answers and it takes even longer to get to the school because we live on the other side of town from my school. Well that’s my story hope you enjoyed reading about my life. 


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