~Welcome Friends~

                     ~Welcome Friends~

First I want to say welcome to a new journey where fantasies become reality, where the unthinkable becomes thinkable and where not even the dark side of the mind is safe. As the magic unfolds before your eyes you will be taken on adventures while the fantasies and real life stories are told through fictional characters. Please be aware that mature content maybe used and open mindedness is greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to subscribe, leave comments and feedback on your favorite adventures. If you have an idea or a situation that you would like to read about then please feel free to leave it in the comments. Don’t worry there is no right or wrong idea, the mind is a creative disaster if you just open it up and for those who are too shy to comment openly then you can email me at the address below.

Now without further ado join me as we embark on our first journey.

Happy Reading



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