i’m sorry. i feel the need to write more on the “being asked out” thing. i haven’t told anyone, and it’s a bit pathetic, isn’t it, that i don’t have anybody to tell or any way to tell them? but anyways….

the whole thing makes me a bit uncomfy. i find him to be a bit creepy and weird, even before this. but the most uncomfy part for me wasn’t even the being asked out, it was what he said…”i really like you”…

you can’t like me. you don’t know me. i am the worst person to exist on this planet. if you mean you find me cute, okay, that’s reasonable. but you “like me”? what does that even mean…?

i cannot be liked.

2 thoughts on “1.26.2017”

  1. Clearly you are more likeable than you realize. But with men you do have to be careful. “I like you a lot” can mean “I want to have sex with you, are you interested?” It generally means that, to be honest. Carefully get to know him, if you want. If you feel he’s creepy, don’t even let anything get started. Tell him no. Blessings!!

  2. I was at a pub once with friends, and a guy i had got chatting to amungst those friends told me he really liked me. I thought it was the strangest thing ever because we were total opposites and didn’t know each other. 4 years later we are married with 7 kids between us. It’s not always creepy, some men just find it harder to express themselves than others. maybe thats all he could manage without feeling foolish… 🙂

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