31 days

It has been a full month. Longest we have gone like this. 

Things are normally wonderful but he can be a light switch. 

King was removed from his parents along with his sibling when they were 2 and 3 years old. Physical and emotional abuse from addict parents. Foster system till they were adopted at the ages of 5 and 6. Parents split due to mom having a bio child that dad adopted. Mom treated bio child like gold while the other 2 were…well, adopted.  Dad on the other hand felt they were equals. Dad left it to the kids to contact him. Mom was working or at church. Kids were left to raise themselves…or more by their older sibling who blamed them for everything.  For each of their 13ths bday(not bio kid), they were dropped off at the childrens shelter. Kings brother managed to get placed in another foster home. King bounced from group homes and childrens shelters until he aged out. He learned how to fight… not to talk. Not how to express. None of the normal things you get from a loving house. He coped with drugs and alcohol. He has used them for years. 8 years back he didtched the drugs. 7 years ago he ditched the hard alcohol. 2 years ago he was court ordered sobriety. Constant monitoring by the court. 3 months ago all that monitoring, aside from bi monthly probation visits and an interlock system, was over. He drank…decided he had long enough sober, he decided he didn’t like the drunk guy. Then his dad dies… 

His mom died 10 years ago. Left him a trust..probably guilt money. Whatever. 2k a month disbursments for 10 years. 2 years ago his dad fell sick. 5 months ago dad says he has disbursments until Jan 17. Dad dies 2 months ago. Dad had fudged on the disbursment info and had been paying out of his own pocket. So….his money stopped….suddenly.  Did I mention he has been on hiatius from work this whole time? yep….

I think his asshat stuff he has been pulling is primairly due to stress. He is always “I’m the man. The provider (which is eeehhhhhhh sorta true and sorta not)” and now it’s all up to me. 

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