A Sonnet

I look into the sky with fragile hope,

My needs are known unto the Holy Lord;

I watch.  I wait.   And try to learn to cope.

And rest, believing in His every Word.

How easily distracted I’ve become.

I pray, but thoughts and prayers go all askew.

What little things divert my mind from Home;

what little things turn back my thoughts of You.

Lord, in the kindness of your mercy, I

can put my troubled heart and mind to rest.

Perhaps in stillness, rather than to try,

I’ll find your Presence and my heart be blessed.

Lord, forgive my flighty thoughts I pray—

And give me peace throughout this stressful day.

6 thoughts on “A Sonnet”

  1. God doesn’t punish us, he only tests us in this life to see if we take the right path or start driving down the wrong road. All the sufferings and tragedies and hardships are all test to see which one do the good deeds and chose the right path.

  2. Not sure if my email sent so I’ll say it here—For the not being able to write thing, try different browsers, since I know chrome wasn’t letting me for a bit, but explorer was. If not try going on the website through your phone; the app doesn’t work for me, but just going on the site itself does. Hope you’re able to write again soon!

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