Alone time

I tend to get really creative and mindful when I’m alone for longer periods (making alot of future plans).

I just now got inspiration to start practising dancing again. I’ve thought about it for a while now, and I just felt like I should keep going on what I begun. Always looking at korean dancers and just getting inspired, so then I figured, why not? I’ve got alot of time on my hands so like this can be a hobby. 

I’m also planning on going to “DesuCon: Pop”. I didn’t get to attend Desucon that was last year in the fall. But now theres going to be one on February 18. So I’ve decided to go with one of my friends. Always wanted to attend one of these cons, perfect chance! My parents have said yes, money might be a small problem but well figure it out somehow. 

Alsooo this easter break me and my family got ourself a ticket on a cruise ship! In 2014 (not sure, maybe 2015?) we went on like 5 cruise ship trips around europe in just a year! It sure was fun, and I can’t wait to get on one again this April. Pretty sure its going to Denmark then, or Germany, most likely Denmark. 

I got an assignment in my art class. Its a self portraid assignment. Were we have to take 5 pictures of our selves that all have different meanings.

  1. Picture: Of just your face – Just simple of me smiling with good looking hair
  2. Picture: Of yourself showing your personality – I’ll put together two pictures of myself, one showing my bright and cute side, the other showing my darker and mysterious side. I’ve got a really mixed personality so I thought this would be a great idea. 
  3. Picture: Of yourself showing your hobby – Photography most likely. Just a picture of me taking a picture? Haha
  4. Picture: Anything with yourself – No Idea yet
  5. Picture: Anything with yourself – No Idea yet

Ofcourse I’ll have one of my friends to take the pictures of me 😛


And as I have decided. I’ll make 2017 a year for accomplishments and success. No matter how big or small things are I’ll give it my fullest. No matter if it means anything or not, I will live to the fullest and make this year an adventurous year, explore new stuff and learn how to step out of my comfortzone. 

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