Busy Days

My husbands birthday is tomorrow and I found out kind of last minute, mostly due to my poor planning skills, that I have to be on call for work, so we won’t be able to go to Wakulla Springs like we had planned.  I have always wanted to see Manatees and now I’ve been in Florida for over 2 years and haven’t gone yet.  Listen to me, going on and on about how I want to see Manatees and I’m suppose to be planning my husband’s birthday.  He just wanted to go camping, so I thought why not make it a win win.  We camp and see manatees.  

I asked my manager at work if it would be ok to take out one of the cabins.  We get them for a small cleaning fee.  It will still be fun and honestly probably more relaxing because we won’t have the stress of finding a sitter for the dog and traveling.  The cabins are honestly beautiful anyway and we’ll save a ton of money.  We will be on a creek bank, with a nice area to relax with a fire and a hammock where you can see the water.  It looks slow and the weather looks very clear, if a little crisp, so chances are I will even be able to go off canoeing with my family.  

We really need this time together because Rod and I have been so busy with work and our little hobbies, that we hardly see each other.  On Wednesday, I leave for a conference in Savannah and won’t be back for 6 days, so it will be good to have this time. Our cabins don’t have wifi either, so we will actually have to talk to each other and play games and enjoy the outdoors together.  

When I first started working at the resort, I thought that customers would really be bothered by the lack of WiFi.  We only have one spot that has access for guests, so it’s not like they completely have to go without.  For the most part, people seem to embrace it.  I see people just wandering around on the trails and enjoying the property.  It’s nice to see that some people still can disconnect.  I am wondering how hard it is going to be for my son, because although he does get a fair bit of outside play, we let him spend way too much time online.  

I have a huge list of things I have to get done before my trip, unfortunately I have no time to do them.  I was going to try and do them Friday, but then I was asked to pick up a shift, so there went that.  Tomorrow, I bring my father-in-law to a doctors appointment in the morning, then help my mother-in-law with her chores list, then we are having dinner with them for my husbands birthday, so it looks like the entire day is already planned.  My biggest issue is that I need an oil change and like every check me light is blinking on my dash.  I know that they are just routine maintenance issues, but since I’m going to this conference with my boss, it’s probably best to not have my car appear to be on the verge of breaking down.  Is it bad that I’m wondering if there is a way to reset the warning lights?  Probably.  Oh, there is also the little issue that I let Alex have a bottle of chocolate milk on the way home from his grandparents one day and it rolled under the seat.  The smell alerted me of its presence about a week later.  It’s not a good smell and it is lingering.  

In my next life, I am going to be better at adulting.  My journal entrees in that life will be about how my house sparkles, my bills are always paid on time, my kid has a perfect side part and my clothes are always fresh and wrinkle free.  This life, however, I am more like a high functioning, train wreck.  

I have to quit rambling for the night and put Alex to bed.  Wish me luck.  I’m not sure when I will get the chance to journal again!

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