Day 334 – Sushi and sleep over

Thursday, January 26th 2017

Today was great 😀

I woke up to show up at my last exam, technology. I already finished so I brought my 3DS and old DSi along with a Mario Party cartridge for me and Kohai to play. She finished the last work she had to do and we played Party Mode. Peach kept winning at a lot of minigames and the game itself. In every Mario game like that one, Mario Kart, etc., she is always the most annoying/hardest to beat. The way she won was funny though. At some point I said “Hope she gets the Bowser card” in a minigame called Chips and Dips, where if you accidentally pick it, you lose some of your poker chips, and right when I said that, I got the card. It happened in only the span of a few seconds, but I immediately regretted it in between saying that and getting the card.

Then she, a couple of friends and I went to an all you can eat sushi restaurant! It was sooo good. I actually tried a cream cheese sushi (that one of our friends kept saying jokingly how disgusted she was that we would eat cream cheese with sushi and because she doesn’t like cream cheese), and it was actually really good! Although it does suffocate the other elements a little. I stuck with mostly salmon (crunchy spicy and non), cucumber and broccoli tempura.

We discussed about various things and Kohai’s sister was texting her, so I decided to roast her (the three of us inside joke) through text, and at some point one of our friends was afraid to take a bus, since she didn’t know where to go, so because Kohai was already planning on sleeping over at my house today, and the friend decided to come over to my house for the afternoon until her parents could pick her up, I invited the both of them for a sleepover. One of them was capable of going.

We walked back to my house, then my friend and I played Mario Party, since she wanted to play a game and I didn’t really have anything else set up on a short notice. We won, but mostly because I accidentally set the comps on normal difficulty, which is as if you put it on easy. She then left, I went to eat a small supper and now she’s gonna come back soon, then an hour and a half later Kohai will.

I wrote this entry early (it’s only 6:15pm), because we’ll be up all night talking, or at least past midnight, so I’m not gonna have the chance to write my entry.

That’s all for today.

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