Start of a different life

 Amy started moving in today. She has a bunch of books and cat things. I noticed she didn’t bring any furniture.

She said she was going to stay in London for a year and then go back to America. Schooling, she said, was better here.

T.H.E.R.A.P.I.S.T. was very happy about this change, but Amy’s cat didn’t share her enthusiasm. He kept frantically smelling everything and yowling, shutting up only when she grabbed him and started petting him, and then he’d purr. Not being able to take all this yowling and purring, I put on my jacket and went outside. 

There was this lady with a small dog who apparently disliked her pet, because she kept pulling the leash whenever the poor creature tried to sniff a pole or something. There was also a man with no money for a pack of cigarettes – he kept asking others for something – a cigarette, I assumed – and searching his pockets for money.

When I went back home, I saw Amy walk into a cafe, carrying the cat. So when I got home I could enjoy silence for a while after an exhausting day – my ears relaxed as Peeve coiled himself around me.

When Amy came back about half an hour later, I put Peeve back into his tank, grabbed a bag of crisps, put on my headphones and sat in the corner, watching my flatmate’s every move. I turned the volume up to avoid hearing the yowling and started the blog.

Thanks for wasting your precious time on this,

2 thoughts on “Start of a different life”

  1. I’ve always liked cats, actually. Snakes are very nice as well. I’m sure you’ll grow used to Amy’s cat very soon.


  2. I like how Peeve just curls around you and you can just enjoy his company. That must feel pretty awesome, even if I personally would prefer it to be a lame and fluffy creature near me, like a rabbit–something Peeve would probably like for dinner.

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