TOA Failed!

Result of TOA came out, I failed TOA. with 45 solid marks.
Something strange happened today, I know Ahmed was the jealous type but I knew that he was the kind of person who tries to keeps it to himself but today that was not the case. He pulled my hair, he literally pulled my hair shortly after I told him about this junior girl I bumped into who was into watching
Anime and she called me “Senpai”.
I don’t know if this was the reason for him being jealous or anything else but did know that he was jealous and angry I could see it in his face while he was pulling on my hairs. I was ready to brawl, I was at my limit it was no joke.
Lately many people in my class have been pulling my leg, today Khalil mocked me on my hairs, again something related to hairs, he said “All the barbers in your area are dead or what” with a nicely tuned mocking accent.
And Sawati, I thing he has a bone to pick with me always butting in my stuff or maybe he is just like that.
On the directions of Faheem I made an account on “Tagged” spent a few days trying and finally got a decent convo but I think that is enough for me. I just did all of that out of curiosity and now I’m not curious anymore.
Did I mention by failing TOA my GPA is going to fall below 2 that means I’m going to be on my second “Prob” that mean the next time I fail a subject it’s “Good Bye University”.
Note: I wrote this entry yesterday but wasn’t able to post it.

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  1. It’s good to see you journaling again, MBN. I was getting worried about you. Just do your best in classes and that’s good enough. What more can you do than your best?
    Best wishes!

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