Wednesday – Started to dig in AWS

Had a trouble going sleep last night. Fell asleep after 1 AM. I got up at 7 AM but just slept in till 9 AM cause I felt super tired when I got up at 7 AM. Felt much better for having extra 2 more hours but felt very guilty about skipping the gym.

Skated to work and worked till 7 PM. Been pretty busy going through the theme and updating style as I set up sub pages to make sure they render okay. Also had to adjust lots of things to make them render good. It feels weird sometimes that why I’m so busy at work. Haven’t really got a time to invest time to myself to learn something new. Hopefully things get better when we get the new theme up.

Had a pizza for dinner at the office then headed back to home. Just took a shower then spending rest of the night watching AWS tutorials without not fully understanding how things work lol. Spent couple hours watching it and I finally got stuck and can’t think anymore. Need some break to continue. 10:56 PM now and wanna go to sleep soon to not to skip the gym tomorrow morning. Goodnight all.

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